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Since first commercialized in 1999, SORPAS® has been continuously developed and improved for industrial applications. It is now widely used by leading manufacturing companies in various industrial sectors all over the world, to support research and development, weldability evaluation, welding process parameter optimization, production line planning and launching, as well as maintenance in resistance welding including spot welding and projection welding etc.

Resistance spot weldingThe major industrial sectors applying resistance welding are listed below.

Some examples of applications in different industrial sectors are presented in the sub-menu to the left and more cases are shown in the Gallery of case studies.

Welding process simulations:

3 sheet resistance spot welding square nut welding
Spot welding: Simulation of three-sheet spot welding of low carbon steel, high strength low alloy (HSLA) steel and Dual Phase (DP) steel sheets. Projection welding: Simulation of projection welding of square nut with corner projections welded to steel sheet showing the weld after collapse of the projections.
Resistance butt welding Parallel gap welding
Butt welding: Simulation of resistance butt welding of two steel plates welded at the ends with resistance heating and subsequent forging and butt welding. Parallel gap welding: Simulation of parallel gap welding (micro resistance welding) for joining thin foil to substrate plate of titanium alloys.

Welding process parameter optimizations and process planning:

With the Enterprise Edition , several functions for automated simulations have been developed to support welding process parameter optimization. It is possible to run fully automated procedures to generate the weld growth curves and the weldability lobes.

weld growth curve
weldability lobe
This is a weld growth curve generated automatically with SORPAS® for spot welding of 1 mm mild steel sheets in the range of weld current from 2 kA to 15 kA. The software has automatically identified the working range with green color points indicating the good spot welds, the red color points indicating splashes and the black color points indicating no weld. This is a weldability lobe generated automatically with SORPAS® for spot welding of 1 mm mild steel sheets with two welding process parameters (weld current and time) referring to ISO 14327:2004. Three reference weld nugget diameters (minimum, maximum and nominal) are indicated. It is also possible to generate the weldability lobe with weld current and force.

Report of simulation:

After each simulation, SORPAS® will generate a Report of Simulation for documentation. Below is a typical report for a spot welding simulation. In the upper part, it shows the initial welding conditions including material combinations, geometry of electrodes and workpieces as well as the welding process parameter settings. In the lower part, it shows the main simulation results with a selected process parameter curve, the final temperature distribution with the weld nugget dimension in each workpiece.

SORPAS simulation report

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