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resistance welding in electrical and electronics industryResistance welding is commonly used in electrical and electronics industry for joining components of various (often good conductive but more difficult to weld) materials and shapes such as electrical connectors, rotors, and printing circuits etc.

The special features of the resistance welding applications in electrical and electronic industry are characterized with miniature sizes and exotic materials which are very difficult to weld.

In order to support the industrial applications in electrical and electronics industry, special materials have been added to the build-in material database including silver, copper alloys and nickel alloys etc. To facilitate simulation of miniaturized components, the allowable dimensions in SORPASŪ have been extended to 0.1 microns (or 4 decimals for mm).

Some examples for industrial applications of the software in electrical and electronics industry are presented in the Gallery of case studies including a fusing (hot staking) of copper cable and a parallel gap welding of thin titanium foil to plate substrate.





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