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Automotive Industry

resistance welding in auto industryResistance welding is the predominant joining technology applied in automotive industry for assembly of the car body, usually called the Body-in-White (BIW). Nearly all sheet metal components are assembled with spot welding, whereas projection welding has often been used for fastening weld nuts to sheets.

With increasing demands on light-weight vehicle for reducing CO2 emission and increasing strengths and crashing performance for improving safety measures, more and more new materials including advanced high strength steels (AHSS), aluminum alloys, and new surface coatings are introduced into the automotive production. These new materials have largely complicated the welding processes, and made all existing knowledge in welding of the conventional materials invalid. More welding tests and process optimizations are needed before setting up the welding production.

SORPASŪ has been applied to support product developments for evaluations of weldability of new materials, and process planning for welding process optimizations, which are further strengthened with the newly developed weld planning functions.

Some examples for industrial applications of the software in auto industry are presented in the Gallery of case studies.




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