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We are in service to not only by welding processes especially for automotive business but also with every kind of driving force to gain efficiency for production businesses including designing, engineering, production, training, consulting and project management.

Due to the fact of many dynamic and complex parameters of linking up new components to existing production processes. we do analyzing and integrating in light of our experiences and team work.

More then 20 years, we kept working on tool & fixture designing, tool making, assembly, welding, control fixture manufacturing and also managing projects to Oem and supplier companies which work with machining and serial-production to several industries.

Resistance welding applications
(2013) X82 - Back Seat Bracket Progressive Die

Our expertise is assembly by riveting, resistance welding, arc welding, etc. within given dimensions and tolerances for our customers with the objectives of productivity and cost reduction.

The goal of our service is always determined by customer needs and end-user specifications. Precise and accurate results are always aimed by our team even at the customer enterprises.

Production Services:

  • Designing parts & molds
  • Reverse enginnering from samples
  • Engineering progress & error-proofing
    (including design & process FMEA)
  • Development of missing surfaces after 3D measurement
  • Try-outs and simulations
  • Surface lapping under designated presses
  • Single cutting molds
  • Single forming/bending molds
  • Progressive dies
  • Assembly fixtures
  • Control fixtures
  • Resistance welding fixtures
  • MIG/MAG welding fixtures
  • Poka-Yoke systems design & production
  • Automated quality-control apparatus

  (2011) X85 - Driver Seat Back


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